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How can you make a donation?

You can donate whatever amount of money you choose. Make a bank transfer and fill in the form below so we know you’ve made a donation and can send you a donation certificate.

Details for bank transfer:

  • Triodos Bank IBAN: ES91 1491 0001 2920 6415 0218
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What is ANSE?

ANSE, which stands for ‘Naturalists’ Association of the South-East’ in Spanish, was founded in 1973, making it the oldest environmental organisation in Murcia and Alicante and the fourth oldest in Spain.

ANSE is a non-profit, autonomous organisation, independent from any political party. It is active at the state level, although it focuses mainly on the south-east of the Iberian Peninsula. Over the last few years it has also carried out campaigns in the north of Africa and other areas in the Mediterranean.

To find out more about ANSE, its activities, projects and campaigns, visit its website.